Step into your natural feminine negotiating powers to get what you want and deserve from the boardroom to the bedroom...

Do you wake up some days and wonder:

                          “Is this all there is?”

                          “I thought I’d be further at this point in my life”

Do you feel like you’re not heard?

Your voice isn’t strong enough?

You’re not getting the money, or position, or respect you deserve?

Do you feel a nagging dissatisfaction even though you’ve been successful in many areas of your life?

Cindy Watson, founder of Women On Purpose, helps women:
step into their feminine power and rediscover their passion and purpose.  

And …with 30 years experience as an attorney she helps leverage women’s power through the Art of Feminine Negotiation. Because let’s face it. All of life is a negotiation.

Whether it's with your kids, your partner, boss or employees.

It just may be the most important skill set you ever learn!

If you’re ready to bust through limiting beliefs that have held you back from having the full and fulfilling life that you deserve, come to our

Women On Purpose Weekend Live Event
at Hidden Valley Resort, Huntsville, Ontario Canada

June 14 - 16 2019

What People Are Saying:

The Female Tony Robbins of This Generation

Cindy Watson is the female Tony Robbins of this generation. She rocks the house, raises the energy and brings a fire to everyone’s belly. She’s the best speaker I’ve ever heard and our members ask for her to speak at our conventions over and over again. She is real, down-to-earth, invigorating and funny. She entertains while she educates. She makes her audience feel deeply and think deeply. I’ve never seen a speaker who can hold a candle to her.

John Nock ... President UFCW 12R24 Brewers Retail Inc.

Cindy Watson is the real deal

“Cindy Watson is the real deal. She’s been a leading labour lawyer for decades and is known as one of the strongest advocates for women’s rights in both the U.S.A and Canada. She is passionate and principled, always pushing the boundaries and debunking limiting beliefs. Cindy genuinely cares deeply about her clients and she gets great results. It’s not an overstatement to say that Cindy changes lives. Don’t miss a live event with Cindy as a speaker. She is a dynamic powerhouse who motivates and inspires the crowd.”

Christine Hart ... Former Minister of Culture and Communications, Founder Accord/Hart & Associates

Looking to make positive profound change? Seek out Cindy Watson

“Cindy Watson is truly inspirational. Anyone who has heard her speak gets hooked. From her humble upbringing to her staunch activism today, it is hard not to be motivated and spurred on to find your purpose in your organization and I daresay the world. She’s worked with our organization for over 2 decades, successfully advancing and empowering women. Professionally and personally I was in a terrifying place when I met Cindy. I was inspired as she not only helped me recognize my strength but gave me the confidence to trust in myself and follow my true purpose. I’m now the Vice President of our organization. She has also helped others in our organization realize that they have strength and courage. I would encourage any woman who is looking to make a positive profound change in her life to seek out Cindy for her wisdom, tenacity and experience.”

Dee Osborne ... Vice President, ATU 107

Imagine the life-changing power as you:

  • come away empowered,
  • get a clear vision of where you want to go and a road map for how to get there to become the biggest and best version of yourself,
  • live your life on purpose and with purpose
  • step into your natural feminine negotiating powers to get what you want and deserve from the boardroom to the bedroom!

Whether you’re looking for:

  • More money,
  • Having your voice heard
  • More Respect
  • Better sex life
  • Better relationships, with your kids, partner, boss or employees
    Or asking for what you want
    This Women On Purpose Weekend live event is where you’ll discover it!

If this retreat calls to you, CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW that says “REGISTER NOW” to book your spot and kick-start your journey to being an unstoppable powerhouse who negotiates your way to the fuller, more fulfilling life you deserve.

Tickets include:
All weekend access for the 3 day event

Friday 5 –9 p.m
Saturday 9 – 5 p.m. 
Sunday 9 – 3 p.m

Full Weekend  

VIP Full Weekend 

The VIP ticket includes VIP lunch Saturday and Sunday, preferred seating, and an additional intimate Q&A session with Cindy Watson.


Please note: You will need to book your own accommodations through Hidden Valley Resort. We have a room block until May 21st, 2019. Please let them know you are attending the Women on Purpose event to receive your discounted price. We suggest you book Early!

Address: 1755 Valley Rd, Huntsville ON

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Phone: 705-789-2301

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