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Check out our powerful online program. You can work from the comfort of your own home to get life-changing results. Comprehensive user-friendly modules take you step by step towards a stronger, more powerful and purposeful you.

Packed with valuable tips and secret weapons, you can take each module at your own pace.

You’ll master how to take control of your life and up your game through a combination of educational materials and resources, clear instruction and hands-on workbooks and exercises – all with the assistance of easy to follow videos from Cindy Watson.

Art of Feminine Negotiation Program:

Get What you Want from the Boardroom to the Bedroom

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Are you ready to take your empowerment to the next level?

Do you feel you’re capable of more?

Not achieving your full potential?

Not leading the life you want?

Apply for one of our world-class coaching programs.


One On One Coaching

Apply for our intensive one on one personalized coaching with Cindy Watson to dig deeper and see profound life-changing results faster. Cindy will help uncover your limiting beliefs and champion you to push past them; show you how to make friends with fear and use it to your advantage; and work with you to make mindset shifts that will take you to the next level and beyond both personally and professionally.

Group Coaching

Get the benefit of a group dynamic to push you to your next level. Apply for our popular group coaching programs, where Cindy Watson will guide you to bust through fear and limiting beliefs that have held you back, boost confidence, shift your mindset to tap into your most empowered self and show you how to tap into your natural negotiation skillset to get what you want from the boardroom to the bedroom.

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Your life will never be the same.

Several inspirational events are offered throughout the year.


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