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Check out our powerful online programs. You can work from the comfort of your own home to get life-changing results. Comprehensive user-friendly modules take you step by step towards a stronger, more powerful and purposeful you.

Packed with valuable tips and secret weapons, you can take each course at your own pace.

You’ll master how to take control of your life and up your game through a combination of educational materials and resources, clear instruction and hands-on workbooks and exercises – all with the assistance of easy to follow videos from Cindy Watson.

Do you feel like you’re not heard?

Or that you’re not making the money you deserve? Do you hesitate to speak up to get what you want?

Not respected enough?
Do you want to be able to own a room when you walk in?

Our intensive and comprehensive Art of Feminine Negotiation program will leverage your feminine power, through the art of feminine negotiation, to get what you want, need and deserve in life – both personally and professionally.

Art-feminine-negotiation-3-strong-women image

Let’s face it – all of life is a negotiation. It just may be the single most important skill you ever learn. Whether it’s with your partner, your kids, your boss, employees or coworkers, most of our interactions are exercises in influence. You’re either influencing or being influenced.

Many women believe they aren’t effective negotiators, or that they don’t negotiate at all. Neither is true. Women negotiate every day in a myriad of ways. In fact, arguably, women have superior skills when you look at the key markers that define highly effective negotiators.

Some women believe effective negotiators must negotiate ‘like a man’ and as a result they overcompensate. 

But there’s a cost for this kind of negotiation when it’s not your natural style. It also leaves a whole array of effective strategies on the table, untapped. 

This program takes you step by step through a process to tap into your natural feminine negotiation strengths, learning to recognize areas where you already use these skills, and then building on those basic blocks to hone those skills with specific tactics and strategies to up your game.

Join the movement to become a masterful negotiator using the Art of Feminine Negotiation so you can get what you want from the boardroom to the bedroom.

Woman On Purpose System:

How to be a Woman Who Lives on Purpose and With Purpose

Woman on Purpose Program woman atop a precipice

Do you ever wonder ‘Is this all there is?’

Do you feel dissatisfied?

Without purpose?

Did you feel like you’d be further at this point in your life?

So often in life, women do what’s expected of them. We put others’ needs ahead of our own – whether it’s our partners, kids, parents, friends, coworkers – heck, sometimes even strangers. 

We people-please to our own detriment, pushing our own needs down. And, not surprisingly, one day we wake up and feel an empty space in our life, a niggling dissatisfaction, an itch.

‘Is this all there is?’

‘I thought I’d be somewhere else in my life at this point.’

Have you ever felt that?

If so, you need our Woman On Purpose System.

Our intensive and comprehensive program will debunk the myths and bust through limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from your full potential. 

You’ll go through a process to rediscover your unique gift (yes, we all have one) and reclaim your strength, power and influence. Confidence boosting and fear-busting skills will fast-track your path to living a life fully on purpose and with purpose. And you’ll learn secret tips to make sure you stay on purpose to be the best possible version of yourself.

Life is short. Master and maximize your life on your terms.

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Are you ready to take your empowerment to the next level?

Do you feel you’re capable of more?

Not achieving your full potential?

Not leading the life you want?

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Apply for our intensive one on one personalized coaching with Cindy Watson to dig deeper and see profound life-changing results faster. Cindy will help uncover your limiting beliefs and champion you to push past them; show you how to make friends with fear and use it to your advantage; and work with you to make mindset shifts that will take you to the next level and beyond both personally and professionally.

Group Coaching

Get the benefit of a group dynamic to push you to your next level. Apply for our popular group coaching programs, where Cindy Watson will guide you to bust through fear and limiting beliefs that have held you back, boost confidence, shift your mindset to tap into your most empowered self and show you how to tap into your natural negotiation skillset to get what you want from the boardroom to the bedroom.

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