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The Golden Mic Podcast

Listen now as Marc and his guest, Cindy Watson provoke and empower you to increase your capacity for joy and inspire you to spark your own revolution to change history for the better. 

Robin Nielsen interviewing Cindy Watson

Leah Meadows Interviews Cindy Watson for Women in Wellness Leaders

Interview with Tricia Nelson on the Heal Your Hunger Show is LIVE!

Ep276: Learning to Speak Up-From the Boardroom to the Bedroom with Cindy Watson

Wickedly Smart Women Podcast 

What makes women master negotiators—with Cindy Watson

Moms Without Worry (15) The Feminine Art of Negotiation

Dr. Karen Cassiday, Interviews attorney and women's coach Cindy Watson. Listen in and discover how you can become a master negotiator with kids, partners, colleagues and bosses!

Capitalizing on Your Circumstances to Become a Successful Negotiator

Cindy talks to Corey Kupfer on the Fueling Deals Podcast

Sweet Spots: on Muskoka Magazine 

Cindy talks to Sue Kelly on the Hunters Bay Radio 

 Elegant Warrior Podcast with Heather Hansen 

Listen in to Cindy Watson Founder of Women On Purpose—Helping women to leverage their power through the art of feminine negotiation to get what they want from the boardroom to the bedroom.

Tips on Negotiations (Especially for Women)

Learn valuable information about the law from Attorney Kenneth Landau and his expert guest Cindy Watson Provides Tips on Negotiations (Especially for Women)  

Cindy Uncorked Interviews Cindy Watson

Cindy Watson interview on Cindy Uncorked with host Cindy Ashton
Discussing all things Women on Purpose including the Weekend Live event

 Lizy T Show interview featuring Cindy Watson

Tips on Negotiation  - Law You Should Know - 90.3 WHPC

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Shining Light in the Dark