Part V: How to Negotiate Your Abundance

Welcome to the final part of our Abundance series! I hope you’ve found some value and are taking steps to realize the fullness of the abundant life that’s waiting for you. So far we’ve explored (i) the power of the psychology of wealth and how to get it ; (ii) how to identify and neutralize blocks stopping you from achieving the abundance you deserve ; (iii) how to manifest your desire ; and how to invoke the power of beliefs and power of questions as well as how to overcome fear of failure and fear of ‘no’.  Today we're going to canvass a powerful exercise to deepen your appreciation of this important subject.

Let’s swap out your disempowering beliefs with more empowering ones. To that end, I invite you to ask yourself:

What belief systems have you developed that could be preventing you from maximizing your potential?

Dig deep. Make a list of your disempowering beliefs.

The limiting and destructive beliefs I’ve held in the past are …

[List as many as you can think of]

By way of example, here were just a few of my destructive and limiting beliefs around money:

  • Wanting too much money makes me materialistic.
  • It’s what I’ve fought against as a social justice attorney.
  • Seeking money would make me a hypocrite.
  • With money I’d be seen as ‘one of them’.
  • People would see me differently.
  • People would take advantage of me.
  • Money doesn’t come easily to people like me.
  • I don’t have the contacts to make big money.

Once you’ve prepared a fulsome list of your disempowering beliefs (about money and other abundance elements eluding you), next, go over the list and ask yourself the following questions vis-à-vis each item:   

What are the consequences of those beliefs?

What opportunities have I lost?

In what ways have I suffered?

What have these beliefs cost me?

[List as many consequences as you can think of]

Let yourself really sit in the feelings those consequences conjure up for you. Allow yourself to feel the full weight of the costs. Invoke all your senses to deepen the experience.

Then it’s time to flip those old stories and substitute them with a new belief system that will propel you into the abundant life you deserve. To that end, ask yourself:

What beliefs do you hold (or can you adopt) to catapult you to reach your dreams more quickly?

Consider what you would have to believe in order to feel more empowered and to succeed. What new reality could you adopt to catapult you to a better reality?

Make a list of these new beliefs.

            The expansive and constructive beliefs I now adopt going forward are …

            [List as many as you can think of]

By way of example, here were a few of my new substituted empowering beliefs around money:

  • I am rich.
  • I deserve to get everything I want.
  • I can do great things with money.
  • Having money won’t tarnish me or change me – it will empower me to be more of me and to do great things I was destined to do.
  • I am abundance unleashed.
  • I am infinitely powerful to create unlimited wealth.
  • Opportunities are everywhere – I just have to reach out and grab them.
  • I am a money-making machine.

Where does your abundance feel stuck? Is it around money? Time? Love? Freedom? Go through this exercise for each of your abundance blocks so you come away with a new more powerful way of thinking, of believing, of being.

Discover the secret weapon of the Art of Abundance! At a time when the economic world is changing and adapting, chaos and stress can disguise immense opportunity to thrive. When others struggle in uncertainty, you can find your greatest opportunity. I invite you to start building this new abundant mindset now and act on it. Don’t wait to start building after the dust settles.

As you negotiate your comeback from the setback of these uncertain times, imagine the power of being able to confidently navigate the road to abundance and success so you can get what you want and deserve from the boardroom to the bedroom.

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