Part III – How to Negotiate Abundance

Welcome to Part III of our series on negotiating abundance. I felt drawn to write about abundance given the current scarcity mindset that is abounding in these unusual times. I want you to have the tools to rise about the fear and uncertainty to step into the opportunities and success waiting for you.

In Part I we addressed the all-important building block, psychology of wealth. To achieve true wealth and abundance we first need to develop the right mindset. We also identified money scripts that drive most people. In Part II we explored the blocks that may be stopping you from achieving the success you deserve. In this part, as promised, we’re going to uncover tips to manifest your desires.

Manifesting your desires is tied to the psychology and mindset work we talked about in Part I. Before we can take action we have to build an abundance mindset. Where your focus goes, energy flows. What do I mean by that? You’ll find what you’re looking for. If we’re expecting and looking for what’s wrong in life, we’ll find it. So why not look for what’s right? Look for the miracles all around you.

We take for granted today so many resources that weren’t even available to the uber-rich a few short generations ago. Think of our travel opportunities, communications … even heat and running water. Think of our health. Not only are our bodies miracles – the millions of things that have to work in perfect synchronicity for our bodies to function – but the advances in health care are astounding. I got a much fuller appreciation of this when our daughter was diagnosed with a serious heart defect and needed open heart surgery at 2 months old. It opened my eyes to the gratitude we can hold for the miracle that these complicated organs work at all.

You can manifest what you desire with this simple formula:

  • Focus on the desire.
  • Believe you can have it … it’s within your reach.
  • Be hungry for it.  

When I say be ‘hungry’, that’s not needy. Neediness pushes away what you want in life. Just think about your high school crushes. The same is true of money, health, love and abundance.

Note the flip side of this coin is also true. You can manifest your greatest fears if you worry about them. Which camp do you fall in? Do you focus on your desires or worry about your fears? Remember you will attract what you focus on. So I invite you to get intentional about your focus.

I also invite you to consider how you see yourself right now. Do you see yourself as rich? Poor? Middle class? It will be challenging to manifest your full abundance if you can’t see yourself as already rich right now. We tend to guard our identities … even when they don’t service us. If you see yourself as poor (or even middle class) you’ll push away that which conflicts with that identity.

How can you start to see yourself as rich? That’s a more powerful identity so why not choose that?

I           Be Grateful

They say the richest people are those with the most gratitude and appreciation in life. I invite you to start a gratitude practice. Think of at least 3 things you can be grateful for every day. Retrain your mind to find appreciation for what you already have in abundance – even if it’s sunshine, water, air, food or shelter. Retraining your mind allows you to become more resourceful, which in turn will create more abundance to be grateful for … and so on in a positive spiral upwards.

I challenge you to find some things in your life that you begrudge and find a way to put a positive spin on them to allow gratitude for them. It brings to mind the Scott McCrearie song, Dirty Dishes, where the mom says a prayer for ‘noisy children, slamming doors, clothes on the floor, messy kitchens and dirty dishes’ … because it means a house full of love and enough food, etc. You get the idea.

As you retrain your mind, try to give thanks and gratitude in advance for the things you desire – don’t wait until you get them. In that way, you can help to manifest them.

Join us for the next article in the series as I share some exercises to help you on your abundance journey!


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