One Simple Thing You Can Do to Help Other Women Negotiate for More

Given long-time limitations imposed on women, it’s not surprising that many women operate from a scarcity mindset. Heck, it’s still recent history that women couldn’t hold property or credit in their own name, vote, or even be recognized as persons in the eyes of the law. Women still make less money than men and have significantly fewer opportunities to access venture capital funds (or capital at all for that matter). Women are less likely to ask for what they want and less likely to believe they can get what they want. 

For many years, with limited job opportunities available for women beyond the proverbial glass ceiling, it seemed like a competition of many for few. As a result, and further exacerbating the problem, women deprived themselves of the value in supporting each other on the path to success. They saw a fixed pie with only slivers available for women and so believed they had to compete for these slivers (or not seek them at all). 

Today, with the rise of the feminine, we’re finally seeing a corresponding recognition that a rising tide lifts all boats. Women are more intentional about inspiring, uplifting, and elevating other women. In so doing, we elevate ourselves. Abundance mindsets, seeking to expand the pie (rather than grab a share of a fixed pie), open unexpected opportunities and benefit all. 

Coming from a place of grace, generosity, and service has profound positive benefits for the giver. As noted by Alex Hormozi, author of $100M Offers, “People who help others (with zero expectation) experience higher levels of fulfillment, live longer, and make more money.” 

With that philosophy in mind, he posed this simple question to his readers: 

Help Other Women Negotiate for More

Would you help someone you’ve never met, if it didn’t cost you money, but you never got credit for it? 

I’d like to echo that question for you to consider.

I’m on a mission to help women leverage their natural power to get more of what they want and deserve in life through the Art of Feminine Negotiation. All of life is a negotiation – whether you’re negotiating with your kids, intimate partner, service providers, employers, employees or for multi-million-dollar deals. It’s probably the most important skill we’ll ever use. Any yet, have been duped into believing they’re not effective at this skill (or alternatively that they have to ‘act like a man’ to succeed). Neither are true. 

And so, I created my Art of Feminine Negotiation™ and HERsuasion™ programs. And so, I released my passion project, The Art of Feminine Negotiation: How to Get What You Want from the Boardroom to the Bedroom book, to help women step into their power to be more and get more

To achieve that goal, I need to reach them. To reach them, they need to discover my book. One sure-fire way to increase the likelihood of them finding it is through reviews. So, here’s my ask. If you think this message is important and the book would benefit other women, please take a moment now to leave a review. It only takes a moment of your time.   

That review might help another woman …

  • Find her voice
  • Get the recognition she deserves 
  • Make more money
  • Improve her relationships 
  • Rediscover her life as she sets boundaries and prioritizes her dreams

Think of the power your simple review wields. A moment of your time could change a life. 

Share the gift of empowerment. Thanks for considering this!


Are you looking to up level your negotiation skills?

How to Get What You Want from the Boardroom to the Bedroom

Negotiation skills are a woman’s secret weapon.

Art of Feminine Negotiation debunks myths and multi-generational gender conditioning that have stopped women from fully stepping into their power. Uncover the unconscious biases that have limited women from becoming the biggest and best versions of themselves. 


Learn the key skillsets that mark superior negotiators, explore how women already possess these skills in spades, and master how to start invoking these essential skills with intention in everyday life.

Please enjoy my TEDx Ocala talk
- Rise of the Feminine Voice as the Key to Our Future-  

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