How to Negotiate From Abundance Part I

In these unusual times, do you feel abundant? Are you confident you can negotiate to get what you want and deserve? Or are you uncertain, frozen in place, afraid to move forward, reverting to a protective posture? I’d like to help you rise above the current climate of fear to take advantage of opportunities that abound. While others are hunkering down preparing for winter, you can plant the seeds for a better future for yourself!

My goal is to kickstart or at least set you on the path to an abundance mindset so you can master how to negotiate your way through the financial hardships and uncertainty of these times, both personally and professionally.

Money is a triggering subject. Especially for women. It’s no surprise when you consider that it’s only recent history we’ve been allowed to own property or have credit in our own name. This history has created limiting beliefs for most women around wealth and money. That baggage holds us back from stepping into the fullness of the abundance we deserve.

Psychology of Wealth

This becomes particularly relevant during times like these as the psychology we have during times of crisis is one of the most important factors in determining our success. In fact, it’s said that 80% of success is determined by one’s psychology. Mechanics only count for 20%.

We’re experiencing a defining time in history, where the economic world as we know it is changing before our eyes. Before we can take effective action, we need to build the right mindset to attract and create wealth. If you’ve been wanting more abundance than you’re currently experiencing in your life, then at some level you’re blocking that money and wealth.

Money does not go where it’s not wanted. If we’re still carrying old stories about money that hold resistance at some level, then we’re repelling money. For many years I wasn’t aware of how my money baggage held me back. I grew up in a low rental apartment complex and when I switched to a middle school (on the ‘other side of the creek’) and my new friends (who lived in fancy houses) weren’t allowed to come to my place because of where I lived, something shifted.

On the one hand, I became driven to succeed. To have more space, more money, more respect. But the flip side of that coin was that I came to see the wealthy as judgmental, exploitative and greedy. I didn’t want to become one of ‘them’. And so started a contradiction that prevented me from attracting true abundance. As long as I saw wealth as an ‘us and them’, I set myself apart and repelled the very abundance I was seeking. It set up a pattern of unconscious self-sabotage.

Even though I built a successful law firm, it seemed that every time I reached a certain level of success, I plateaued. Or worse, something happened to set me back. Have you ever had that experience?

That experience is not surprising when you consider the Law of Attraction. Everything in this world is energy and everything vibrates. You attract what vibrates in tune with your personal vibration. If you’re not attracting what you want in your life, you need to change your frequency. Think of a radio. Every station has its own frequency. You need to dial in to the frequency (station) you what to hear and get the content you desire.

The same holds true for your desires in love or money and time freedom. There’s a specific vibration for those results. If your thoughts are about shame, fear, blame, guilt, judgment, or scarcity, imagine what your vibration will be. It certainly won’t be in sync with abundance.

If you’re vibrating at abundance, you will attract abundance.

True wealth isn’t simply attaining the economic milestones you desire. It’s experiencing an ongoing feeling of absolute abundance – emotional strength and happiness, gratitude for the privileges we share, opportunities to enjoy, have, do, be, and give so many things in life.

Most people don’t master the art of financial abundance because they don’t realize that riches don’t come from money. True riches only come from an affluent psychology. If you don’t practice the psychology that creates the wealth, you’ll never create lasting wealth and happiness. You need both to attain what you really want.

Creating that psychology of wealth starts with understanding the barriers that prevent you from taking advantage of all the opportunities available to you. Your vibrational frequency gets set by your subconscious beliefs. We all develop belief systems that do not serve us and/or that send us in conflicting directions. Some people call these limiting beliefs. Some call them money or abundance blocks.

Money Scripts

Financial psychologists, Brad and Ted Klontz, call them money scripts. They suggest there are 4 basic money scripts that people follow.

I           Avoidance:

Money avoiders typically have trouble sticking to a budget and avoid bank statements and the like. They tend to overspend and sacrifice their financial well-being for others. They may hoard. Essentially, money avoiders see money as bad, and as a result end up sabotaging their own financial success by pushing it away in an unconscious effort to have as little of it as possible.

II          Worship:

Money worshippers see money as the key to happiness and the solution to all their problems. However, they likely also believe you can never have enough money and, therefore, they will never be able to afford all the things they want in life.

III         Status:

People with money status scripts attach their self-worth to money. They see their value as determined by their net worth. They may overspend in an attempt to convince others they’re financially successful.

IV         Vigilance:

People who fall into the money vigilant category tend to be concerned about their financial well-being and so are watchful and alert. They likely believe you need to work hard for money, to save, and not give or be given handouts. But, money vigilants often have a hard time spending and enjoying the money they’ve saved.

Which money script do you follow?

Raising your awareness about your own limiting beliefs, blocks and scripts is a key first step to shifting to an abundance mindset. This series is designed to help you identify your hidden blocks and destructive unconscious belief systems and allow you to substitute them with more empowering beliefs that will elevate your vibrational frequency to attract unlimited abundance into your life.

Next week, in Part II, we’ll explore and deconstruct 8 abundance blocks that may be interfering with your ability to get what you want and desire. You won’t want to miss it!

Abundance Breakthrough Masterclass

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And because I think this is such an important subject, I’m leading an Abundance Breakthrough Masterclass next week. It’s FREE so you have nothing to lose … and everything to gain.

Block your calendar for October 29th at noon (EST).

Claim your spot: Be sure to register today
so you can take advantage of this great opportunity to kick-start your transformation to an abundance mindset to attract everything you deserve in life.


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