Hot Tips to Negotiate the New Decade

Part I  Vision for 2020

Happy New Year! Better yet, Happy New Decade! Truly a chance for new beginnings.

Now that the celebratory fervour has died down, and the quick-draw resolutions may already be cast aside, relegated to the bone heap of unrealized undertakings, I invite you to commit to a deeper exploration – planning your vision for the next decade with intention. So often, we let ourselves be carried along, dealing with daily ‘to do’ lists and the grind of regular ambushes that keep us occupied with the mundane and away from our bigger dreams for a brighter, better future. In this series, I’ll be offering you a sequence of stepping stones – structured hot tips and a process to allow you to create a blueprint for this decade. Consider this your invitation to get 20/20 vision for 2020 and beyond. Are you ready to step into the best version of your life? 

We can’t go back and change the past. We can move forward, deciding to design our next level of life and to play full out. Consider your past as research and development for the improved quality control of your life from this moment on. Why not decide today to tap into your full potential. In a world where everything seems to be getting shallower, I invite you to go deeper. Excavate to uncover limiting beliefs that hold you back, those anchors you’ve been dragging around from the past, so you can cut the ties that hold you to them and break free. Rediscover the joy that lives inside you. Remember how easily you could access it as a child and consider how or where you let that go and came to the misguided conclusion that happiness comes from outside sources. Mine that joie de vivre as if you hit a vein of bitcoin and reclaim it.

As a kick-start to this process, before we dive into concrete tips on building your vision, I invite you in this segment to look back at the things that didn’t go so well for you in 2019. What do you feel you failed at? Failed to do? Procrastinated over? Never started? Never finished? Make a list. Take each item and hold it up to the light. Extract what you can learn from it. Remember that the path to success and growth is through failure. Embrace the so-called failures. Celebrate them. Host a private ‘failebration’. Regrets don’t serve you – they’ll keep you small. By contrast, examining where you fell short, considering how and why it happened and what gem you gleaned from it to move forward and upward will stretch you to become a better version of yourself. Once you’ve squeezed the proverbial juice out of the ‘disappointments’ from 2019, imagine a fire barrel and toss them in.

Once you’ve burned the stuff that didn’t work last year, turn your attention to what did work. Give yourself permission to brag on your wins. Give yourself credit for your accomplishments. Be generous with your brag list. Consider why each win worked and what you can learn from it, but also be sure to let yourself revel in the flood of endorphins from the positive emotions and energy that come with that. Flood your brain and let your subconscious bask in positivity. In this way, you’ll build momentum to carry you forward as you design the blueprint for your life for this new decade. This momentum will help you push past and overcome any obstacles you encounter through this process.

As you move forward along the stepping stones to your new future, I invite you to be intentional about your thoughts. Our thoughts are who we are. And so, it’s important to observe your thoughts. The more you can manage, understand and control your thoughts the better quality of life you can build. Think of your thoughts as the gateway between where you are now and where you want to go. The Law of Attraction would suggest that your life is only limited by your thoughts. Change your thoughts – change your life. In fact, I invite you to make a list of the most common thoughts you had in 2019, both positive and negative. Examine the most common negative thoughts that plagued you and make a decision to flip them. What do I mean by that? Take my example from 2017 for this exercise. When I considered those recurring negative thoughts that pestered me, and then flipped them, it looked like this:

Negative thought: 

Why me?                                       
I never get a lucky break.              
People take advantage of me.
I have too much to do                            
I don’t have enough time.            
I’ve lost myself.             


Why not me? I deserve it!
I make my own luck and grab opportunities that arise.
I’m generous, appreciated and have healthy boundaries.
I control my workload.
I make time for what’s important.
I’m evolving into the best version of me.  

Can you see how powerful this mindset shift could be for you? Retraining our brains to keep our thoughts positive will have a profound impact on how you see and show up in the world. I really encourage you to actually make the time to do these simple exercises to prepare yourself for the steps in the upcoming segments of this series as you design the blueprint for your best life this decade!

In the next segment in the series we’ll be getting crystal clear clarity on our vision and the obstacles standing in the way. Are you ready? Let’s go!

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