Hot Tips to Negotiate the New Decade Part II Clarify Your Vision

Part II Clarify Your Vision

Are you willing to show up differently this year to manifest your destiny?

If you read last week’s blogpost, you know I’m on a mission to help you create a blueprint for your next decade with intention. I invite you to get 20/20 vision for 2020 and beyond. Time passes. We can either let ourselves get swept along, dealing with the grind of the daily mundane ‘to do’s’ as our bigger dreams evaporate into thin air, or we can choose to design our destiny. Wouldn’t you rather craft a life that you’ll look back on and say “well played” at the end of your days?

The first step in that process is to get clarity. You can’t hit a fuzzy target. You’ll need to get crystal clear on your vision and the obstacles standing in your way. It’s worth reminding you to be brutally honest with yourself in this process if you want meaningful results. To decide where you’re going, you’ll want to explore where you are right now. Much like a GPS, you not only need a destination to key in, you also need to know where you’re coming from to get accurate directions. To do this well, I invite you to be willing to go deep. In today’s fast-paced, seemingly superficial world we sometimes forget to go deep on the things that matter most. I also invite you to dream BIG! If you think small, you’ll continue to play small. Set bold, audacious goals and a fearless vision.

Why am I encouraging you to craft a 10-year plan (besides the fact that it’s a new decade)? We tend to over-estimate what we can do in a year, but under-estimate what we can do in five to ten years. If you start training yourself to think longer-term, you’ll be more likely to achieve your goals, vision and dream. The word achieve is apt. According to the Oxford Dictionary, it includes attain, reach, arrive at, realize, carry off, carry out, carry through, bring about, accomplish, fulfill, execute, perform, engineer, bring to fruition, conclude, complete, finish, consummate, earn, win, gain, find, establish, acquire, obtain, procure, secure, seize and more. Phew! Choose which of these words or terms most inspires you and carpe diem (seize the day)! Or better yet, carpe decennium (seize the decade)! With a ten-year vision you’ll be able to work backwards more effectively to create a workable plan to get from A to B (where you are today versus where you want to be in 2030), setting out next steps by identifying ‘chunks’ that need to be addressed along the way and smaller steps necessary to make each ‘chunk’ a reality.

Are you ready to uncover your best life? Let’s dig in! Bear with me and close your eyes for a few moments. Imagine it’s December 31, 2029 and it’s been the absolutely best decade of your life. What would that look like for you? What would have to happen for you to consider the decade to have been stellar? Make sure to consider all areas of your life. I invite you to visualize your best decade in terms of Health & Fitness; Wealth & Finance; Mission & Vision; Emotional & Mental; Growth & Learning; Intimate/Romantic Relationship(s); Family & Friends; Experiences & Quality of Life; Spiritual (whatever that means for you); and Career (if this is not covered under mission & vision). Take a deep, calming breath, and visualize what a great experience would look like for you under each of these headings. Get the image in sharp focus. This is not the time for fast-forward viewing or blurry images. Let yourself see, feel, taste, smell and touch it in your mind. As you complete each category (when you’ve got a fully satisfied smile spreading across your face) open your eyes and write down everything you envisioned for your dream decade.

When contemplating this future, be specific i.e. make your goals and vision measurable in time and space where possible. For example, don’t just claim “I want more money”. Instead, declare that you have $1 million from [identify specific revenue stream] and another $1 million from [identify another specific revenue stream]. Don’t just identify that you want to travel. Instead, claim that you’ve stayed in a stunning white-washed, cliff-side, ocean-view villa in Santorini, Greece. You get the idea.

Note that I’m not saying ‘I want’ but rather ‘I have’ for this exercise. Wanting is a weak magnet. Instead, invoke the law of attraction by visualizing from a place of already having what you desire and seek. This holds true for incantations. I encourage you not to speak to the future (i.e. ‘I will …’) but rather speak in the present as if it’s already real. It’s this stepping into it that will attract it to you.

Focus on what you DO seek, not what you DON’T seek. This is an important distinction. When asked what we want, we often list all the things we do not want to experience. Science suggests our brains do not process the word don’t. So, when we call to mind those things we seek to avoid, we call them to us in the process. We will move in the direction in which we focus. Much like a driver drawn to a lone pole in a field, we will be drawn to the thing that gets our focus. Our thoughts are powerful. It’s important to train our brains to focus our thoughts and energy on the vision we DO seek.

Once you’ve completed this exercise for your 2020 decade, do the same for this year. In other words, close your eyes and imagine it’s December 31, 2020 and it’s been the best year of your life in each of the categories identified above. Go through the same process as above for the year to determine your vision for an ideal 2020.

Stay tuned next installment as we tackle clarifying your obstacles and how to overcome them.

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