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No F.E.A.R Negotiations Part II: Types of Fears
Welcome to Part II of our six part series on No F.E.A.R Negotiating, exploring how to approach your negotiations without[...]
No F.E.A.R Negotiations Part I: Fear
Women are typically fearful, nervous or anxious about negotiations at some level or alternatively, they overcompensate. If any of these[...]
How to Effectively Negotiate Your Healthcare
My mother collapsed at the doctor’s office last week. She hit her head when she fell. And so started an[...]
How to Use Space in Negotiations, Part 2
Space: The Final Frontier Last week we tackled space and how to use it in negotiations. I’m not talking about[...]
How to Use Space in Negotiations
Space. Such an interesting concept. Different meanings jump to mind for different people, whether the space you live in, being[...]
How to Negotiate Past Your Fear
What if your fears were really fear of your power? What if at their root, your fears were you shrinking[...]
Dealing with the Minefield of Negotiating by Email
Negotiating by email is an unavoidable fact of life in today’s world. Whether you see the world as expanding or[...]
Are Unconscious Biases Holding You Back?
Unconscious bias seems to be the new buzz phrase. As with many trendy new concepts, it runs the risk of[...]
Live Your Life By Negotiating Your Death
Strange title, I know. No doubt it struck you as morbid. I’m sure it hit a few triggers. Indulge me[...]
Negotiate As If You Only Had One Week To Live
(or How to get more of what you want and need without the conflict) Would your approach to bargaining change[...]
How To Break Impasse in Bargaining
You asked. I answered. In response to your requests, the last few blog posts have been about some practical elements[...]
Know Your BATNA Before Bargaining
Last week we talked about how to effectively use concessions in bargaining. I realized from questions and comments I received[...]
How To Effectively Use Concessions In Negotiations
We’ve talked a lot about social conditioning that holds women back from stepping into their power as negotiators. We’ve talked,[...]
Negotiating Your Relationship With Your Kids
Kids are people too. That may seem obvious, but we often trivialize or treat kids with a diminutive approach. We[...]
Negotiate Your Life: Part III – Negotiating With Yourself
I’ve said if before, I’ll say it again. All of life is a negotiation. It may be the most important[...]
Use Silence To Your Advantage In Negotiations
An old proverb says silence is golden. Perhaps nowhere is this more accurate than in the realm of negotiation. The[...]
How To Negotiate Your Life – Part II
My heart broke as I watched majestic Notre Dame engulfed in flames – like a scene from a bad movie[...]
Negotiating Your Relationship with Your Partner: Part II
Part II Last week we explored diplomacy, communication, and asking for what you want and need in your relationship with[...]
Negotiating Your Relationship with Your Partner Part I
Part I People typically think of diplomacy as an important skill in international relations, but don’t think to apply it[...]
The 5 W’s of Highly Effective Negotiation: Part 5
[Part 5 of a series]Know the WhoAnd so we come to the bittersweet end of our 5W journey together. You’ve[...]
The 5 W’s of Highly Effective Negotiation Part 4
[Part 4 of a series]Know the WhatWe’re nearing the end of our 5W journey. We’ve already explored how to use[...]
The 5 W’s of Highly Effective Negotiation: Part 3
[Part 3 of a series]Know the WhereReady for your next instalment of our 5 W’s of highly effective negotiation series?[...]
The 5 W’s of Highly Effective Negotiation Part 2
[Part 2 of a series]Know the WhenLast week, we started our 5 W’s of highly effective negotiation series. For those[...]
The 5 W’s of Highly Effective Negotiation
[Part 1 of a series]Know the WhyWe’re taught to implement the 5 W’s in problem solving or information gathering. To[...]
How To Negotiate Your Life on Purpose
As I write this, I’m sitting in my hotel room looking out the window at a stunning sun-dappled mountain view.[...]
Do You Have To Go For the Jugular In Negotiations?
Women, you’ve heard me get on my pulpit and preach about how you need to invoke your Momma bear for[...]
How You Want to Negotiate Your Sex Life
Let’s talk about sex. Or more to the point, let’s talk about women’s role in gender disparity in issues of[...]
Open Letter to Harriet Tubman
In Celebration of Black History Month Dear Harriet, It sounds trite and over-dramatic, but it’s true. It’s a truth that[...]
You Get What You Tolerate
You get what you tolerate. What do I mean by that? Am I saying that everyone is responsible for everything[...]
Who’s the Boss?
I had a discussion with a woman at a Mastermind the other day and then the same issue raised its[...]
Equal Does Not Mean Same
Feminism used to tout bra burning and Playgirl magazine. Anything men can do, we can do too. If they can[...]
Time To Quit Making Yourself Smaller
Have you ever found that you sought to make yourself smaller? I’m not talking about weight, diet or physical girth[...]
Importance of Trusting in Your Natural Negotiation Style
What if I suggested that women are instinctively and intuitively better negotiators than men? Would you balk? Reject the idea?[...]
Bridging The Gender Gap
There’s debate about whether Polar caps are melting, whether polar bears are at risk, and whether a Polar Express really[...]
Invoke Your Momma Bear For the Bear Cub in You
If I suggested you get between a Momma bear and her cub, what would your knee-jerk reaction be? No doubt[...]
Secret Weapon
Attention, women! Don’t you think it’s time to start using your secret weapons in negotiation to get what you want[...]
Overcoming Fear of Negotiation by Going For the ‘No’
Why do so many women break out in a sweat at the idea of having to negotiate on their own[...]
Debunking the Myth re Women and the Art of Negotiation
There is a commonly held belief that women can’t negotiate well. Even though this has been proven to be a[...]
Do Men and Women Negotiate Differently
What if I suggested that women are instinctively and intuitively better negotiators than men? Would you balk? Reject the idea?[...]