Art of Feminine Negotiation™ Program

Get What You Want from the Boardroom to the Bedroom

Do you feel like you’re not heard?
Or that you’re not making the money you deserve?
Do you hesitate to speak up to get what you want?
Not respected enough?
Do you want to be able to own a room when you walk in?

Our intensive and comprehensive Art of Feminine Negotiation™ program will leverage your feminine power, through the art of feminine negotiation, to get what you want, need and deserve in life – both personally and professionally.

Let’s face it – all of life is a negotiation. It just may be the single most important skill you ever learn. Whether it’s with your partner, your kids, your boss, employees or coworkers, most of our interactions are exercises in influence. You’re either influencing or being influenced.

Many women believe they aren’t effective negotiators, or that they don’t negotiate at all. Neither is true. Women negotiate every day in a myriad of ways. In fact, arguably, women have superior skills when you look at the key markers that define highly effective negotiators.

Some women believe effective negotiators must negotiate ‘like a man’ and as a result they overcompensate. 

But there’s a cost for this kind of negotiation when it’s not your natural style. It also leaves a whole array of effective strategies on the table, untapped. 

This program takes you step by step through a process to tap into your natural feminine negotiation strengths, learning to recognize areas where you already use these skills, and then building on those basic blocks to hone those skills with specific tactics and strategies to up your game.

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What Participants Say:

' What an experience!
Working with Cindy has changed my life!'

Arlene Davis

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Become a masterful negotiator using the Art of Feminine Negotiation™
so you can get what you want from the boardroom to the bedroom.

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