Announcing the Art of Feminine Negotiation: How to Get What You Want From the Boardroom to the Bedroom!

I’m excited to announce that my book, Art of Feminine Negotiation: How to Get What You Want From the Boardroom to the Bedroom, is now available! And I’m thrilled to share that it hit Amazon #1 Best-Seller status in multiple categories within hours of launching. And perhaps more exciting, it hit #2 on the Wall Street Journal Best Seller list! 

I’m humbled that the ‘advance copy’ feedback has been rave reviews across the board. Here’s what other best-selling authors had to say about it: 

A must read! Cindy Watson provides a step-by-step guide for women on how to successfully negotiate using a simple to follow formula. She touches on important topics including mindset, dealing with self-sabotage, and fear. The excellent advice dispensed in this book will provide the reader with courage, insight and easy to follow guideposts that are certain to step up anyone’s negotiation skills. —J. Paul Nadeau, former hostage negotiator and international peacekeeper, best-selling author of Take Control of Your Life 
I don’t know of anyone doing what Cindy Watson is doing. Her The Art of Feminine Negotiation is powerful! She brings such passion, knowledge and confidence that I would hire her in a second. —Jack Canfield, creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul
This book is an experience! Cindy skillfully debunks the myth that you need an aggressive, winner-take-all attitude to be an effective negotiator. With Cindy’s guidance, you’ll move from problems and unconscious biases women often encounter when negotiating (or choosing not to negotiate) to secret weapons and how to ask the right questions. Cindy lays out powerful frameworks in digestible chunks that are easy to understand and implement in your real life. This is a book you will share and discuss with friends! —Dr. Michele Williams, negotiation professor
This book is a “certified fresh” approach to negotiation from your living room to the boardroom. Cindy shows her insight by dropping gems the reader will truly appreciate. Trust me, AOFN is an investment you and your bookshelf will appreciate. —Isaac Betancourt, FBI-trained former hostage negotiator
 The Art of Feminine Negotiation is a must-have for every woman looking to step into her power and negotiate more effectively. Cindy’s framework is a unique combination of practical ‘how-to’ steps and an illuminating exploration of the conditioning that holds us back from asking for and getting what we want both personally and professionally. Women will come away empowered to lean in to their feminine to negotiate their best life. —Sage Lavine, CEO and best-selling author of Women Rocking Business
This book is a must-have for every woman looking to get more of what she deserves in life! Cindy makes the art of negotiation accessible through her simple but powerful models. More importantly, her unique approach uncovers how to be more persuasive and effective from a place of authentic feminine power. Readers will walk away feeling more confident and able to negotiate best outcomes in every area of their life. This is a game-changer! —Alina Vincent, CEO of Business Success Strategies, Best-selling author of Personal Paparazzi: Your Brand Story Told Your Way 

Along the path of creating my magnum opus though, some people challenged me about my decision to dedicate the book to women. A few literary agents and publishers had asked that I switch it up to a more generic brand targeting both men and women. I declined. While the advice set out in the book is definitely valuable for both genders, I felt strongly that women have faced unique challenges in the realm of negotiation that men have not experienced … or at least not nearly to the same degree. I hoped to even the playing field by speaking to the elephant in the room. And so, I addressed the social conditioning that often holds women back and encourages us to play small and show up as smaller versions of ourselves. I tackled the blocks that limit us from stepping into the full force of our power. I uncover the secret weapons that we possess in the power of the feminine and the rise of the feminine voice. 

As all of life is a negotiation, I feel passionately that this skill is necessary to negotiate your best life. 

Art of Feminine Negotiation debunks myths and multi-generational gender conditioning that have stopped women from fully stepping into their power. Uncover the unconscious biases that have limited women from becoming the biggest and best versions of themselves. Learn the key skillsets that mark superior negotiators, explore how women already possess these skills in spades, and master how to start invoking these essential skills with intention in everyday life. Whether you’re looking to negotiate a better relationship with an intimate partner or your children, or negotiate the position, money, and respect you deserve, Art of Feminine Negotiation will elevate your persuasive powers and influence, both personally and professionally. 

With hands-on, practical advice about tactics, strategies, and tools to up your negotiation game, as well as tips on where and when to apply them, my hope is that you’ll come away ready to get what you want and deserve from the boardroom to the bedroom.  


Grab your copy today!

And if you send proof of purchase, I’ll sign you up for a personal Round Table Q&A with me. 



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Art of feminine negotiation, book available

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