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Cindy is a highly sought after international speaker, educator and coach, known for her passion, commitment, deep caring, and ability to inspire.

Cindy wowed at TEDx Ocala when she gave her talk 

Rise of the Feminine Voice as the Key to Our Future 

As a coach

Cindy empowers women to unleash their feminine power and become the best version of themselves. Cindy inspires her clients to dig deep to rediscover their true purpose and take charge of their lives again.


As an attorney

Cindy broke down barriers, fighting to further women's rights, secure pay equity, break glass ceilings and to end discrimination.

Here are a couple of the latest accolades in Cindy's illustrious law career. 


Cindy has published her latest book The Art of  Feminine Negotiation - How to Get what you Want from the Boardroom to the Bedroomalong with numerous short stories and two earlier books, Unloved and Endangered Animals, and Out of Darkness - The Jeff Healey Story, for which she won the Golden Oak Forest of Reading award.

Cindy is also the founder and president of the Muskoka Authors Association

Cindy's Books

by Cindy Watson

Out of Darkness - The Jeff Healey Story
Misunderstood Animals

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On any given day there’s an infinite number of things you could be doing. The trick is learning to prioritize them. Otherwise, minutes turn to hours which turn to days which turn to months and before you know it years are passing by, and your priority items still sit on the back burner. We each

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As a kid, I remember my dad always taking my sister and I out of the apartment for a half day on Mother’s Day. I remember the guilt as I looked over my shoulder at mom, alone in the door jamb. ‘But, it’s Mother’s Day’, I thought. ‘Why are we leaving? Shouldn’t we be spending

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