5 Tactics You Can Use to Tap into Your Feminine

Women have been conditioned for centuries to believe womanhood is associated with being over-emotional, over-sensitive, and powerless.

But in fact, your femininity is an ocean of power and magical energy you can utilize. And if you learn how to release and harness that gift, you will be a force to be reckoned with!

In the '80s, there was a very definite trend toward short haircuts and power suits. The only way you could get ahead was to walk like a man and talk like a man. But while we were on the road to becoming equals, it was at the expense of being a true woman.

Femininity is a term many women feel uncomfortable to use these days, simply because we think it doesn't sit well with our battle for equal rights. It’s considered a dumbing down of the cause when we focus on the differences between men and women. It emphasizes the differences.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. To shun our femininity is to reject our very essence of nature.

What Is Feminine Energy?

Harnessing your feminine energy potential can do wonders for your negotiation skills in every area of your life. But before you can do that, you need to know, what exactly IS your feminine energy? And how do you know if you are missing out on a source of strength that's your birthright? As a side note, it's imperative to stress this concept is not associated with gender. It's more to do with a specific set of traits.

In our society, masculine traits tend to be valued more than feminine.

But this focus has left us feeling overworked, with little time for ourselves, and we are essentially off-balance.

Masculine energy is associated with independence, aggression, competitiveness, drive, confidence, and arrogance. Feminine energy traits are affiliated with nurturing, love, receptivity, compassion, and care. You have an innate ability to receive, which is crucial to 'being.'

This allows you to be receptive and open to being filled. And it's this 'being' energy that is the polar opposite of masculine energy, which revolves around 'doing.'

For example, your feminine side is expressed through creativity, and moving through the flow of your life, as well as in dance and play.

Your masculine side is expressed when you harness your drive to achieve something. You are striving for a goal. Feminine energy can often feel very incongruous when you're used to pushing forward in every area of your life 24/7.

The Pressure Women Face to Draw on Masculine Energy

Women are told they have to achieve more, hustle like never before, and pursue their dreams with a zeal like their life depended on it. This is, at the same time, a blessing and a curse. You are listening to the sound of a drum forcing you to relentlessly march to a specific beat. You are told you should have your own business or a successful career by the end of your 20's. And you are supposed to do all of this, while considering having a family, or managing young children, and holding down a steady relationship. Then there is the relentless pressure to look and dress as if you aren't aging a day over 30.

Our ability to 'have it all' is a double-edged sword. To maintain this drive, you have to harness your masculine energy at the expense of your feminine. And it will leave you feeling out of kilter. So how can you get yourself back on an even keel?

5 Tactics You Can Use to Tap into Your Feminine Energy

Reflect on Yourself

Taking even a mere millisecond out of your day to listen to what is going on inside you, can bring you back to your center. Our lives are so busy, and we are continuously forced to be outgoing, as well as push forward on every level. There's that masculine energy coming to the fore again. This leads to estrangement and a loss of connection deep within.

By reflecting on who and what you are, you can gain insight. Exploring and examining your inner being enables you to move forward. What motivated you in the past? Why did you make those decisions?

Philosopher John Dewey described reflection as a "dynamic and intentional process that profoundly influences one's experiences."

Ways you can reflect include writing down how you reacted to specific situations and detailing how they shaped your life. You can also use therapy to reflect and discuss how events have impacted your 'now.'

Ask and You Shall Receive

Women, by their very nature, can receive and give back more than men. If you receive love, you can return it tenfold. And woe betides if you are crossed. Your anger will be amplified towards the person who hurt or betrayed you.

The issue for women is when you have a problem with receiving, it's usually associated with the feeling you aren't good enough. Or you have low self-esteem. Your feminine power to receive means if you ask for more, you will receive more. If you are struggling with this, you need to ask yourself:

*Why am I having a problem with receiving?

*What does my ability to receive mean in the context of my life?

*Is there something in my past which has stopped me from feeling worthy of receiving now?

*Was there an occasion where I felt I was manipulated after receiving something?

There is nothing wrong with asking for favors and support when you need it. And there is nothing wrong with receiving a compliment. Embrace it!

Enjoy receiving from mother nature as well. By standing on grass for five minutes, or just touching a tree, you can receive the beauty of the world around you. This will put you in a more positive and calmer mindset.

Get Creative

Your feminine energy craves personal creativity because it's a creative force. Dancing is a great way to get yourself into this zone. All you need to do is put on your favorite song, take a few deep breaths, shut your eyes, and then dance with wild abandon! How does this feel in your body? How does this feel in your head? Use the music to translate your feelings.

Painting, pottery, writing, crochet; any form of creation will enable you to tap into your feminine energy. You will feel a sense of freedom and relaxation as you do so. It's all about expressing your flow. Women were physically designed to create new life. Harnessing your inner creativity is a way of allowing that inner energy you have to burst forth.

Activate and Allow Your Playful Side

If you are joyful and positive, you will be lighter and more adept at tackling anything the world throws at you. Our lives today are lived at a million miles an hour, and we juggle a multitude of projects and tasks.

Downtime and connection have taken second place to getting things done. If you prioritize relaxation in your life, even for just five minutes a day, you will connect to that feminine energy. You can read a book, do some yoga or meditate. Allow for 'playtime' in your life. It shouldn't just be about the tasks at hand. If you can, give yourself a 'free day' when you just go with the moment.

Embrace Transformation

Feminine energy enables you to transform. If you are stagnating, then you feel uninspired, tired, and overworked, personally and professionally.

Allow your inner power to come through and make the changes you need to move on to a better place in your life. Don't be afraid to walk away from something if it isn't working for you. There is a lot to be said for familiarity breeds contempt. While feminine energy is often associated with quiet rejuvenation, it can also be bold and forceful.

Change is sometimes painful, but it's necessary to move to the point of regrowth. That's when the real creativity can happen.

Do You Believe You Are Living in a Man's World?

There is a lot to be said for ditching the phrase 'living in a man's world.' If you believe that we are in a society dominated by patriarchy that will become a reality in your own life. By acknowledging that, you are adding more fuel to the fire. When you look around you, you will only see men in high positions, women being subjugated, and the social dynamic dominated by males. You will be blinded by the fewer opportunities, the fairer sex, (that's you) have at their disposal and the disparities in that. And when you look on social media, all you will see is negative posts. Instead, look at the 'man's world' and view it as an opportunity to breakthrough. You need to train yourself NOT to buy into those myths and instead incant and train your brain to think the opposite (i.e. what you desire). Yes, there are challenges, but at no other time in our culture have the prospects been as good for the rise of the feminine and for women to get what they want.

If you want something and pursue your passion and purpose, you will empower yourself. Women have more rights than ever before. We now manage businesses, achieve our dreams, have children, and look after the home. We're even running countries and being praised for our approach.

A great example of this is Jacinda Ardern, the Prime minister of New Zealand. She not only smashed the coronavirus with her lockdown measures but gave a TV briefing during an earthquake and didn't even flinch! She also had a baby while in office (the second leader of a country worldwide to do so) and went back to work six weeks later. In fact, with role models like that, some of you would say we are almost setting the bar too high!

Your feminine energy is always there, even if you aren't aware of it. You have compassion, creativity, and intuition at the core of your being. Reawaken your ability to be sensitive, tender, and nurturing. It will make you unstoppable.

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