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Helping women to rediscover their passion and purpose. Empowering women to reclaim their power through the art of feminine negotiation, coaching programs, and speaking engagements.


Cindy Watson  'Living on Purpose'

International Speaker Coach  Author

Helping You Forge Your Own Feminine Path

Do you feel overwhelmed?

Do you feel like you’ve lost your purpose?

Do you know you’re capable of more?

The Art of Feminine Negotiation™

Join the movement to become a masterful negotiator using the Art of Feminine Negotiation so you can get what you want from the boardroom to the bedroom.


What Others Say


Cindy Watson is the real deal. As a speaker Cindy is a dynamic powerhouse who motivates and inspires the crowd.

Christine Hart

/ Former Minister of Culture and Communications


Cindy is one of the most powerful motivational speakers and coaches I’ve ever seen. 

Lois Boggs
President , OPSSU


Cindy Watson has a deep compassion for her clients and pushes to get the absolute best results for them every time.

Hayat Jasey
/Business Manager SEAC

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