How to Use the Rise of the Feminine

Now is the time to tap into your feminine strength.

You’ve no doubt heard me talk about the rise of the feminine as the key to a better future. And how the world is out of balance as we tilted to the masculine when women were convinced that the only way to be successful in a ‘man’s world’ was to bring that energy to the table. In light of recent global events, where people are looking to find their footing and equilibrium, the scale has tipped and it’s my belief that perspectives have shifted as has the lens through which we view the world.  

I believe the world is ready for a new approach. One that honors:

  • Connection and connectedness
  • Humility and honesty
  • Patience and empathy
  • Trustworthiness and vulnerability
  • Flexibility and balance

It appears I’m not alone. In a study of 64,000 people surveyed in 13 nations around the world, a significant majority considered these traits ‘feminine’ and associated them with necessary qualities for effective leadership. In fact, 2/3 of the participants surveyed in that extensive sample said they believed the world would be a better place if men thought more like women and if women had “more influence on business, government and other aspects of modern life”. Those numbers held true amongst both the men and women surveyed.

In that same study, 65% of people surveyed around the world believed that more female leadership in government would prompt a rise in trust and fairness and a decline in wars and scandal (Athena Doctrine: Gerzema & D’Antonio).Whether you accept that as true or not, that perception is compelling in and of itself. Feminine traits aren’t being viewed as weak or soft, but as a sign of strength.

The problem though is that it’s not really about gender. It’s about the energy that’s being valued. In this context, it’s whether masculine or feminine energy is being sought out. Slapping women (or men) into positions as a way to effect change will inevitably fail if we don’t consider the qualities we’re seeking. With many women having pushed away from their feminine, we’re not likely to see a new approach.

It’s no surprise that so many rejected the ‘feminine’ model. It’s not that long ago women were burned at the stake for stepping into ‘feminine power’. Not that long ago women didn’t have the right to vote, or own property or even be recognized as persons in the eyes of the law in some jurisdictions. Many women drew the not unreasonable conclusion that the only way to succeed was to adopt more masculine approaches.

But the tide is turning and as the feminine rises so too does our opportunity to effect meaningful change in ways that are authentic, powerful and life-affirming. There is a chance for a tectonic shift now. People are imagining a better world. One based on principles of fairness, compassion, caring, co-operation, equality, respect, and openness. A world that values feminine attributes and essence.

Are you ready to help birth this new way of being?    

If there was ever a time to embrace, rediscover and reconnect with how to tap into your feminine strength, it’s NOW. They say favor fortunes the bold. What is it to be bold in this new awakened state? Boldness is not hesitating in fear in the face of possible rebuff. It is loving yourself unconditionally, recognizing the strength in your feminine essence and stepping into the full force of that feminine power. It is recognizing the positive impact you can have on the world when you bring that gorgeous potential for meaningful change and growth to the table.

The world is ready for that. The world is ready for you. Are you ready to step up and embrace your feminine?

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