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Be Sure YOU Negotiate Your Life On Purpose

Are you living your life on purpose and fully with purpose? If not, what’s holding you back? Too many of us, too often, get caught up in the hamster wheel of our ‘to do’ lists. We lose sight of the priorities, the things that ought to really matter in our lives. Heck, some of you may wonder what I even mean by ‘on purpose’ and ‘with purpose’. This is particularly so for women as we’re conditioned from a young age (maybe even through the umbilical cord) to put others’ needs before our own, to be super-moms, super-career women, super-spouses … you get the idea. We’re also conditioned to live our lives based on others’ expectations of us. We put our own desires and dreams on hold to pursue a life that’s not truly of our own making. Whether it’s pursuing a career that we were nudged (or pushed) towards, or ‘settling down’ before we’ve lived our own life, or becoming a caregiver for others (both personally and professionally). Sometimes we even choose our partners based on the feedback or expectations of those around us rather than following our own heart’s desire. Some would say that even having kids (or not) is often based on our perceived societal expectations.

From the time we push out of our mother’s wombs, we are inundated with messaging that conditions us as to how we should act, feel, look, and be. It comes from family, friends, teachers, marketing, media, entertainment – some well-intentioned, others not so much. But in the end, the intentions are irrelevant because the impact is the same. We grow up with limiting beliefs that profoundly affect our sense of self and can hold us back from achieving our full potential.

With all this noise, and with all this pressure, it’s tough to be able to hold on to our sense of self. Tough to hold on to our own true desires. Tough to even recognize our own true purpose let alone pursue it. And so, we follow the expected path. We may even be wildly successful on that path from the outside looking in. Yet, when we don’t follow our own true purpose, inevitably a day of reckoning comes. We start to have questions about our place in life. We feel a little hole that just doesn’t seem to fill. We experience niggling dissatisfaction. And then, of course, we feel guilty about the dissatisfaction – we feel ungrateful and assume we have unrealistic expectations, that we must want too much. We convince ourselves that we can’t have it all as we try to juggle the myriad of tasks and roles that we wear each day. But that niggling dissatisfaction grows until one day we wake up and maybe we don’t recognize ourselves. Or we feel ‘is this all there is?’ Or we feel we’ve wasted so much time – we aren’t where we want to be – we feel lost.

If any of that sounds familiar, what you’ve lost is your purpose. The good news is that it’s never too late to rediscover it! As the founder of Women On Purpose, this (not surprisingly) has been a passion of mine. I too had suffered from following the ‘expected’ path in life – in defining ‘success’ based on standards that weren’t organic or authentic to me. And now I’ve made it my mission to help other women rediscover their passion and purpose.

I realized that an important starting point is shifting away from a ‘to do’ mentality, and instead embracing a purpose-driven approach to life. I recognized that most planners out there come from a masculine perspective – they perpetuate that task-driven outlook and keep us in a never-ending cycle of dealing with never-ending mundane daily tasks. They leave no room to drive toward our vision, our dream, our purpose.

And so, my daughter and I have worked on creating the perfect planner: Purpose Planner.

Women-on-purpose-planner-cover A planner designed by women for women, dedicated to helping you step into a purposeful and purpose-driven life. It was crafted with much love. Your planner is designed to follow the phases of the moon and so follows a quarterly cycle. We celebrate women’s connection as lunar and water beings and recognize the power and pull of the ocean and the moon’s cycles.

We focus on those things that get you closer to your life-vision, inspire your passion, improve your quality of life, and make you the best version of yourself. Prioritize what’s most important to foster deep success, enhance your relationships, your mindset, your dreams, your growth, your fulfillment, your sense of purpose. This planner is designed to help ensure you play full out and you’re inspired to use it daily. When you do, it will change your life.

We believe destiny is calling you to design the life you deserve. It’s your time. Living your best life involves living with intention. This planner will help you set those intentions; create clarity about who you want to be and how you want to show up; focus on what really matters; breathe into each moment; live powerfully present with rekindled purpose and passion; recognize and deal with obstacles that may hold you back; dump your worries; contemplate what you’re grateful for; prioritize; balance each category of your purposeful life and live into your limitless life!

Are you ready to live on purpose and fully with purpose? If so, check out how to pre-order your Purpose Planner starting this Friday at!

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